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WELCOME to Southeast AgriSeeds, LLC

Southeast AgriSeeds, LLC services the Southeastern region of the United States by providing a full line of forage seed, Masters Choice corn hybrids and cover crop seed, along with knowledgeable, region-specific expertise. 

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Southeast AgriSeeds, LLC was formed in 2016 as a sister organization to King’s AgriSeeds, Inc., based out of Ronks, PA, is an industry leading forage seed company with focus on education and product support. Building upon the success of King’s AgriSeeds in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Southeast AgriSeeds, LLC was developed with the mission of ‘serving southeast agriculture producers by equipping local dealers with the products, service and support needed to maximize productivity per acre.’


Southeast AgriSeeds, LLC offers a wide variety of forage and cover crop products including: summer annual, winter annual, spring annual and perennial forage seeds.


Our mission is to serve southeast agriculture producers by equipping local dealers with the products, service and support needed to maximize productivity per acre.


To be the most knowledgeable and service oriented agricultural distributor in the southeast.

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ForagesForages – We specialize in perennial and annual mixtures designed for your backyard and offer a full line of improved varieties from around the world selected for local performance. We have focused on high quality forages since the beginning. We offer a comprehensive line of forages including certified organic and our staff is well versed in forage management.
Cover CropsCover Crops – Cover crops are rapidly gaining popularity for many uses ranging from no-till grain production to organic farming. No-till farmers are finding that cover crops are a major key to successful transition and continual productivity. Organic and vegetable farmers have also increased their use of cover crops. We have developed several mixtures of cover crops that can improve your soils productivity and reduce your fertility costs at the same time. Learn more…
CornMasters Choice Corn – Masters Choice hybrids are unique to the industry. They fit into two major use areas: The first is livestock feed as either corn silage or digestible grain. Starch digestibility is the latest focus for farmers and nutritionists. Masters Choice hybrids have high starch digestibility and higher sugar levels when used as a silage. The second major use of Masters Choice corn is for the grain pipeline and MC hybrids yield exceptionally well with or without traits. Masters Choice has an excellent selection of conventional non-traited corn, several certified organic hybrid and many traited hybrids. Learn more…
Masters Choice floury starch corn featured in American Dairymen


Here’s What They Say…

Spring grazing of Triticale Plus, Farmville, VA

Spring grazing of Triticale Plus, Farmville, VA

“I no tilled Triticale Plus in sorgham/sudan stubble (no spray or tillage) the second week of last September.  We got good rain around the first of October, and were able to graze once in November.  It was lush and very high quality at that time. The area (15 acres) was then not touched until the middle of March, when we had good regrowth.  I did put 50 lbs of nitrogen and 50 lbs of potash on around the end of February. 

We have been able to run the cows through three times, running around 50 cows per acre per day.  I give them a 2 acre strip for two days. I wish I had a hundred acres to put Triticale Plus on; I would need no hay or other winter feed.

Annuals have become an important component in extending nearly year round grazing for me.  It also lets us keep our numbers up knowing we will have extra high quality grazing.

The advantage is in quality of feed combined with cost as well as low labor, as compared to feeding hay or other stored feed. “

-Chuck Benhoff, Farmville, VA

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