Dry Hay

Culbac Hay (Available for Organic Use)

Culbac® Hay preservative offers a great way for producers to ensure that they capitalize on the increasing value of dry baled forage. Culbac® Hay is a liquid Lactobacillus Acidophilus fermentation product that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria counteract the harmful effects of organisms that cause baled hay to mold and spoil when baled at higher moisture than is recommended for stored hay. Baling at higher moisture reduces leaf shatter and allows you to harvest greener, more palatable forage. Additionally, applying Culbac® Hay during mowing begins preserving forage immediately and offers a measure of windrow protection against unexpected rain showers.

Treating hay with Culbac…

  • Maximizes the nutrient content (protein) of hay by reducing excessive leaf shatter.
  • Increases yield (tonnage) by reducing field and harvesting losses.
  • Reduces the number of days between cutting and baling.
  • Increases palatability of the hay.