New! Introducing KingFisher Corn Hybrids

KingFisher logoSoutheast AgriSeeds and Byron’s, two leading livestock-focused seed companies, are now working together to bring you the KingFisher corn hybrids. The KingFisher brand is a non-GMO lineup, with the intention of adding certified organic hybrids in future years. The KingFisher corn program promises to bring you the same quality, performance, and value that you are already familiar with from the KingFisher alfalfa program. All of our corn hybrids have been selected with an emphasis on high energy and digestibility without sacrificing yield.

Try two or three of our hybrids alongside your current brand. We think you’ll be impressed.

KingFisher hybrids are available both treated and untreated.

Hybrids are listed in order of Relative Maturity (RM).

KF Guide Cover

For more information: See the 2018 KingFisher Corn Guide

KF 52C20

A medium tall, robust plant with flex ears, workhorse hybrid suited for most rotations. High yield potential, strong agronomics and stay-green. Excellent heat and drought tolerance. Big plant stature with excellent eye appeal; dual purpose grain or silage. RM 102

KF 52C60

This organic hybrid is full flex, with white cobs, wide leaves with good roots and stalks, excellent yield. It is has high drought tolerance, excellent starch digestibility, and also works well for hand husking. This hybrid does well on a variety of soil types. RM 102

KF 56C30

This organic hybrid has a good disease package, is stress and drought tolerant, with semi-flex ears. Works well across different soil types. Good stalks, roots, and staygreen. This hybrid is also well suited to hand husking. RM 106

KF 58C80

Medium tall plant with excellent eye appeal and wide dark leaves that are slightly upright. Position as racehorse hybrid as this hybrid responds to top management. Performs best in a rotation at lower populations. Not recommended for corn on corn. This hybrid has quick canopy closure, great stress tolerance for southern movement, dual purpose grain or silage adaptability, excellent emergence and seedling vigor, and strong stalks and roots with flex ears. RM 108

KF 61C40

Tall semi flex hybrid with great silage yield and quality, first rate agronomic package and disease tolerance. Exceptional plant health with great tolerance to northern leaf blight and Goss’s wilt, great option for corn on corn and moderate to low productive fields. Excellent late season intactness and stay-green. Performs well in corn on corn applications. Exceptional disease tolerance. Very good natural corn borer tolerance. Great choice for most soil types and management styles. RM 111

Also available in Certified Organic.

KF 63C10

Performs well in corn on corn applications, good stalks and roots paired with a slower dry down allows this plant to have a very wide harvest window. Versatile hybrid that performs well with varying soil types and populations. Great disease package with good GLS tolerance. This is a take-anywhere hybrid; it moves east to west with good southern movement. Proven silage yield with great quality. RM 113

RT 63T13 3000GT - NEW!

RT 63T13 is the 3000GT version of KF63C10. Agronomically and nutritionally, RT63T13 is a high quality hybrid. Expect top end yield performance along-with high fiber digestibility and improved starch digestibility.Performs well in corn on corn applications; good stalks and roots paired with a slower dry down allows this plant to have a very wide harvest window. Versatile hybrid that performs well with varying soil types and populations. Great disease package with good GLS tolerance. This is a take-anywhere hybrid; it moves east to west with good southern movement. Proven silage yield with great quality. RM 113

KF 67C20

Consistent high yields, excellent agronomics, excellent disease ratings, broadly adapted regions. It is broadly adapted with outstanding agronomics. Great FiberGest and very good SofStarch results. Very good dual-purpose hybrid. Recommended Pop 28-32K. RM 117

KingFisher Specialty Hybrids

KF 56H91 - High Oil Sidekick

Note: This high-oil hybrid is to be physically mixed at 25% with a hybrid of a similar maturity to increase energy content. 

A medium tall plant with flex ears, needs to be used in a sidekick program mixed 25-30% with conventional corn. Optimum planting rate: Dryland – 30-34 M/A Irrigated – 34-38 M/A. Put on your best ground. SideKick™ blend rate = 70% conventional corn + 30% KF 56H91. Increases oil content in the grain 2-3% and protein up to 30%. Contains higher levels of rich essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Excellent drought and heat tolerance. A floury grain; the Value Plus® gives it smaller starch molecules, making it very digestible. SideKick™ gives excellent yield; usually no yield drag compared to your favorite hybrid. Stalk has shown high sucrose levels. Recommended planting pop: 26-30k. RM 106

KF 58H82 - High Oil

A tall plant with great flex and eye appeal. Use on better soils for silage. Best planted at 26,000 to 30,000 potential for very high silage yields under ideal conditions. Contains up to 30% more protein and higher amino acids than regular corn. Excellent yielder, highly digestible stalk and starch. Value Plus® allows you to grow more energy on your farm. High-oil corn – 5-6.5% in the grain. Value Plus® livestock production corn has a smaller starch molecule so starch is more readily available. Recommended planting pop: 26-30k. RM 108

KF 59S30 - Male Sterile

A male sterile hybrid ideal for farms that are in niche markets and do not want grain in the diet. Appropriate for silage and grazing. The corn crop will be very high in sugar as grain is not formed. The plant will also have a red color as sugar increases over time. It’s a versatile hybrid that covers all soil types, with a wide harvest window and an excellent disease package. Note: Isolation from standard corn is recommended. Recommended planting pop: 26-32k. RM 109 

Masters Choice Hybrids

For over thirty years, Masters Choice has been dedicated to producing the most nutritionally and agronomically advanced corn hybrids in the industry. Hybrids below are listed in order of Relative Maturity (RM).

FEED FIRST – For best feeding, we suggest a minimum of 21 days of fermentation.
Standard – For best feeding we suggest a minimum of 90 days of fermentation.
Full Fermentation Feeding – For best feeding we suggest 120-180 days of fermentation.
Forage – Graze or manage as haylage.

See the quality data by region

All organic hybrids are treated with OMRI-listed MicroMaster OC

Interested in interseeding cover crops? Learn more about relay-cropping a cover crop into corn

For traited corn, see:

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Refuge Calculator

2018 Masters Choice Hybrid Guide


MasterGraze is a BMR tillering corn that is ready to graze in 60 days. The brown midrib gives the vegetation a boost in digestibility. Good for one grazing.

Mastergraze must be planted with a corn planter. It is often planted in 15 -inch rows:
32,000 to 36,000 plants per acre on low to medium fertility soil or on doughty soils where moisture availability can be a limiting factor.
34,000 to 38,000 plants per acre on medium fertility soils
36,000 to 40,000 on high fertility soils, with no moisture limitations.
(Double back to split the rows with a 30-inch spaced corn planter). Population will depend on available soil moisture and fertility.

MasterGraze Tech Sheet

Mastergraze and Cowpeas: Managing a Dense Harvest


One of our bestsellers, MC 5250 is a hybrid that gives consistent top-end yield punch on full-flex white-cob ears. Enhanced silage and nutritional grain quality. Excellent choice for varying soil carrying capacity. Outstanding health and agronomics. Adapted to all tillage systems. 2016 World Forage Analysis Superbowl Finalist! 

RM 102. Available in Organic and Conventional. Recommended planting population: 26-32k. FEED FIRST.

MC 5250 Tech Sheet

MC 5300

MC 5300 had the highest single 7-hour starch digestibility at 81% in 2015 research plots. Strong emergence and seedling vigor for organic production and reduced tillage operations. Very good tonnage and bushels per acre with excellent nutritional qualities. Showy, robust plants with good eye appeal and a wide leaf that drives performance. Harvest promptly when ready for dry grain.

RM 103. Available in Organic. Recommended planting population: 26-34k. FEED FIRST

MC 5300 Tech Sheet

David H. & MC 5300 - Ranks Organic Dairy Farm, Miflin, PA (8-19-14) DSC_0098

MC 5370

A taller hybrid with very competitive yields for silage or grain. Excellent stalks and very good roots contribute to broad adaptation. Positioned well as a first-plant type hybrid in spring and in cold soils or no-till situations. Can be utilized in the north as a fuller season hybrid and south as an earlier maturity hybrid. 2016 World Forage Analysis Superbowl Finalist! 

RM 103. Available in MC 5370 (Conventional) and MCT 5371 (AgriSure GT). Recommended planting population: 26-34k. FEED FIRST. 

MC 5370 Tech Sheet

MC 5660

Massive flex leads to outstanding yield potential. Excellent stalk strength. Very good stress, heat and drought tolerance. Excels in a wide array of planting populations. Favorable response to early planting. Great emergence, tolerates no-till and corn after corn. 2016 World Forage Analysis Superbowl Finalist! 

RM 106. Available in MC 5660 (Conventional), MCT 5661 (AgriSure GT), and MCT 5663 (AgriSure 3000GT). Recommended planting population: 28-34k. FEED FIRST.

MC 5660 Tech Sheet

MC 535

MC 535 had the highest 7-hr starch among 100-110 day hybrids in 2015 silage research plots. Excellent grain digestibility, consistent quality and performance. High-sugar silage quality is top in the industry. Better southern movement and performance than 530. Plant first and harvest first to maximize performance and yield.

RM 107. Available in Organic, MC 535 (Conventional), and MCT 535 GT (AgriSure GT). Recommended planting population: 26-32k. FEED FIRST.

MC 535 Tech Sheet

MC 535

MC 5800

Widely adapted for strong performing top end silage and grain yields. Solid stalk/excellent roots contribute to excellent late season standability. Deep  kernels, open husk on large, girthy ears. Rugged drought and stress tolerance for consistent performance. A great choice for early planting in organic systems. Excellent option if applying cover crops in season with corn. Very good for hand-picked corn.

RM 108. Available in Organic. Recommended planting population: 26-32k. FEED FIRST.

MC 5800 Tech Sheet

MC 6060 corn

MC 6060

Consistent performance under varying soil types and management. Widely adapted with good southern movement. Great ear flex and girth at moderate populations. Performs well in stress situations as well as high-yielding environments.

RM 110. Available in Conventional. Recommended planting population: 28-34k. FEED FIRST.

MC 6060 Tech Sheet

MC 583

Outstanding yield and agronomic package. Good grain quality and thick stalks for good tonnage. Excellent seedling vigor and stress tolerance. Workhorse with dependable yields. Good roots, good drought and heat tolerance. Fast emergence and vigor, can plant in cool, wet soils. In addition to moving east to west well, MC 583 has great tip fill.

RM 111. Available in MC 583 (Conventional). Recommended planting population: 26-34k. Standard.

MC 583 Tech Sheet

MC 6150

High yielding performance grain and silage. Great combination of agronomics, plant health, dark green color, and ear flex. Hybrid package adapted to varying soil types and grower management. Good choice for delayed harvest and continuous corn options.

RM 111. Available in Organic, MC 6150 (Conventional), MCT 6151 (AgriSure GT), and MCT 6153 (AgriSure 3000GT). Recommended planting population: 26-34k. FEED FIRST.

MC 6150 Tech Sheet

MC 6360

MC 6360 had the lowest uNDF and lignin among hybrids from a 100 day RM and up. High yielding bushels and silage tonnage for dominant performance. Top end performance across varying field productivity levels. Excellent root package contributes to enhanced stress tolerance. Very competitive nutritional qualities delivering top shelf forage. Production is average on less productive fields. Good disease tolerance for reduced tillage operations and corn followed by corn.

RM 113. Available in MC 6360 (Conventional), MCT 6361 (AgriSure GT), MCT 6363 (AgriSure 3000GT). Recommended planting population: 30-36k. FEED FIRST.

MC 6360 Tech Sheet

MCT 6434

This hybrid handles heat and drought stress very well. A tall, showy hybrid that features the AgriSure Viptera 3111 trait, which greatly limits above-ground insect feeding in southern environments. Good staygreen. Use caution in areas prone to leaf disease. Harvest at optimum moisture to maximize feeding quality.

RM 114. Available in MCT 6434 (Viptera 3111). Recommended planting population: 28-32k. FEED FIRST

MC 6580

MCT 6583 was the top yielder in the southern zone University of Wisconsin corn silage trials. It averaged 11 dry matter tons per acre. It has a wide area of adaptation, especially in the deep south. Maintains yield and stature in the most stressed environments. Performs well across varying soils and conditions. Excellent silage yield potential. Very good silage quality and starch availability.

RM 115. Available in Organic, MC 6580 (Conventional), MCT 6581 (AgriSure GT), and MCT 6583 (AgriSure 3000GT). Recommended planting population: 28-34k. FEED FIRST. 

MC 6580 Tech Sheet

MC 590

MC 590 had the highest average starch as a percentage of dry matter for hybrids over 100 day RM in 2015 silage research plots. Robust, high sugar with great tonnage and grain yield. Scored in top 3 of World Forage Analysis Superbowl. Extensive root system aids heat and drought tolerance. Widely adapted across cropping systems. Very digestible grain quality. High starch availability levels may require ration adjustment. Great silage and grain choice for average to top-end environments.

RM 116. Available in MC 590 (Conventional). Recommended planting population: 26-32k. FEED FIRST. 

MC 590 Tech Sheet

MC 590 corn

MCT 6653

A very versatile hybrid that moves around well. MCT 6653 has excellent plant health and reliable agronomics for consistent yield.  Excellent staygreen and a tall, showy plant. Excellent silage option in southeastern regions. Harvest this hybrid at optimum moisture to maximize feeding quality. Handles heat stress well and will not require the use of a fungicide.

RM 116. Available in MC 6653 (AgriSure 3000GT). Recommended planting population: 30-34k. FEED FIRST

MC 590 corn

MC 6730

MC 6730 has great digestibility, ranking the highest for NDFd 30 among 110 + day hybrids. Excellent staygreen and great health package. Excellent plant health gives this hybrid great eye appeal. It’s a true full season hybrid that provides premium feeding quality. It makes an excellent silage hybrid, but also works well for high moisture corn and digestible grain. Great placement versatility, making it a great fit for varying soil types and environments.

RM 117. Available in MCT 6731 (AgriSure GT) and MCT 6733 (AgriSure 3000GT). Recommended planting population: 28-32k. FEED FIRST. 

MC 6730 Tech Sheet

MC 6750

Top of the line plant health, agronomics, and stress tolerance. Excellent yield punch and great test weight. Great adaptability to low and high-yielding environments. Excellent performance across many regions. Very good choice for a variety of soil types and management situations.

RM 117. Available in MC 6750 (Conventional), MC 6751 (AgriSure GT), and MCT 6754 (AgriSure Viptera 3111). Recommended planting population: 28-34k. Full Ferm. Feeding. 

MC 6750 Tech Sheet

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