Southeast AgriSeeds makes every effort to support our organic and sustainable customers with superior seed genetics, a full cover crop line, and technical agronomic expertise based on a wealth of experience specific to organic rotations. We want to give you these tools to help you build a strong, resilient rotation that can thrive without chemical inputs, while promoting effective land stewardship. We advocate longer, more complex and diverse rotations, which helps manage weeds, fertility and pests by adding a crop instead of a chemical.

We work closely with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the No-till Alliance, and others to educate growers about soil health and conservation practices like planting year-round covers, buffers near waterways, proper manure management, minimizing tillage, and working perennial crops into their rotations.

The following is our organic lineup. (Note: many of our conventional products are also available untreated)


360 SB Soybean

Conventional 3.6 maturity bean with excellent yield potential. Has performed very well in Penn State trials.

360 SB Soybeans Tech Sheet

AF 7101

An early season gene 6 BMR forage sorghum with good standability and drydown. It is a little earlier than AF 7201 in maturity, but with similar plant height. Very sweet stands and good for boot or soft dough harvest.
Direct harvest: seed at 80k/A. 82-85 days to soft dough stage.
Cut and wilt harvest: seed at 25 lbs/A with a drill. 50-60 days to boot stage.

AF 7101 Tech Sheet

AS 9301

A very exciting, newer BMR gene 6 sudangrass that has get up and go and extreme quality. AS9301 dries easier than sorghum sudangrass, which makes it possible to dry for hay. Excellent for grazing, baleage and dry hay.  Recommended seeding rate: 25-30 lbs/A.

AS 9301 Tech Sheet

Lifago Buckwheat

A small seeded buckwheat for cover crop programs. Not suitable for grain or pollinators. Excellent smother crop, quick summer growth for brief planting windows in the rotation. Recommended seeding rate: 25-35 lbs/A.

Lifago Buckwheat Tech Sheet

Happy buckwheat bloom DSC_0705

SugarPro 55 Sorghum-Sudan

This new exclusive KingFisher hybrid is very quick growing and high yielding with a dry stalk for ease of drydown. Stems are finer and sweeter than many sorghum-sudans. The higher leaf to stem ratio ensures quality grazing or feed. Digestibility of this hybrid is increased due to the reduction in lignin from the BMR trait, increasing daily gains or milk production significantly. Recommended seeding rate: 40-50 lbs/A.

KF SugarPro 55SS Tech Sheet

VNS Forage Oats

A forage oat. Recommended seeding rate: 85-115 lb/A.

Masters Choice Corn Hybrids

Masters Choice Organic Hybrids are bred with the same superior genetics used in the rest of the Masters Choice hybrid line. Unlike most of its competitors, Masters Choice focuses on serving conventional and organic demand. The majority of the Masters Choice hybrid line is non-GMO.

Like the rest of their product line, the Masters Choice organic hybrids are designed for livestock feeding and are nutritionally superior, with highly digestible, floury starch that ferments quickly and can be fed long before the standard vitreous hybrids are ready. The hybrids they’ve selected to supply in organic show superior drought, pest and disease tolerance.

MC 5250

One of our bestsellers, MC 5250 is a hybrid that gives consistent top-end yield punch on full-flex white-cob ears. Enhanced silage and nutritional grain quality. Excellent choice for varying soil carrying capacity. Outstanding health and agronomics. Adapted to all tillage systems. 2016 World Forage Analysis Superbowl Finalist! 

RM 102. Available in Organic and Conventional. Recommended planting population: 26-32k. FEED FIRST.

MC 5250 Tech Sheet

MC 5300

Strong emergence and seedling vigor for organic production and reduced tillage operations. Very good tonnage and bushels per acre with excellent nutritional qualities. Showy, robust plants with good eye appeal and a wide leaf that drives performance. Harvest promptly when ready for dry grain. Available in Organic. Recommended planting population: 26-34k.

RM 103

MC 5300 Tech Sheet

MC 535

Excellent grain digestibility, consistent quality and performance. High-sugar silage quality is top in the industry. Better southern movement and performance than 530. Plant first and harvest first to maximize performance and yield. Available in MC 535 (Conventional), MC 535 (Organic), and MCT 535GT (AgriSure GT). Recommended planting population: 26-32k.

RM 107

MC 535 Tech Sheet

MC 535

MC 5800

Widely adapted for strong performing top end silage and grain yields. Solid stalk/excellent roots contribute to excellent late season standability. Deep  kernels, open husk on large, girthy ears. Rugged drought and stress tolerance for consistent performance. A great choice for early planting in organic systems. Excellent option if applying cover crops in season with corn. Very good for hand-picked corn. Available in Organic. Recommended planting population: 26-32k.

RM 108

MC 5800 Tech Sheet

MC 6150

High yielding performance grain and silage. Great combination of agronomics, plant health, dark green color, and ear flex. Hybrid package adapted to varying soil types and grower management. Good choice for delayed harvest and continuous corn options. Available in Organic, Conventional, and MCT 6151 (Agrisure GT). Recommended planting population: 26-34k.

RM 111.

MC 6150 Tech Sheet

MC 6580

This hybrid has a wide area of adaptation, especially in the deep south. Maintains yield and stature in the most stressed environments. Performs well across varying soils and conditions. Excellent silage yield potential. Very good silage quality and starch availability.

RM 115. Available in Organic, MC 6580 (Conventional), MCT 6581 (AgriSure GT), and MCT 6583 (AgriSure 3000GT). Recommended planting population: 28-34k. FEED FIRST. 

MC 6580 Tech Sheet

KingFisher Corn Hybrids

KF 52C60

This organic hybrid is full flex, with white cobs, wide leaves with good roots and stalks, excellent yield. It is has high drought tolerance, excellent starch digestibility, and also works well for hand husking. This hybrid does well on a variety of soil types. RM 102

KF 52C60 Tech Sheet

KF 56C30

This organic hybrid has a good disease package, is stress and drought tolerant, with semi-flex ears. Works well across different soil types. Good stalks, roots, and staygreen. This hybrid is also well suited to hand husking. RM 106

KF 56C30 Tech Sheet

KF 61C40

This organic hybrid has a good disease package, is stress and drought tolerant, with semi-flex ears. Works well across different soil types. Good stalks, roots, and staygreen. This hybrid is also well suited to hand husking. RM 106