Southeast AgriSeeds, in conjunction with our dealer network and comments from many of you, has developed several premium perennial forage mixtures adapted to the Southeast. All of these mixtures have great potential to make high quality forage. Selecting the best fit for your farm is primarily based on soil type and harvest methods. However, livestock needs, fertility inputs and other factors should also be considered.

It is also possible to blend some of our mixtures together to increase species diversity. Just make sure your selections are adapted to both your soils and harvest system. For seeding, just layer the mixtures and hand mix in the large box as you fill the drill. Larger orders can be custom mixed by Southeast AgriSeeds. Note: Contents of our mixtures may vary due to variety availability. Percentages are by weight and do not account for impurities. We suggest that you save your seed tags for precise contents of your seedings.

Mixes containing legumes are pre-inoculated (as part of the seed coating) with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Video: cows grazing one of our mixes at Springwood Organic Farm, a King’s AgriSeeds customer. 

Read the 2014 USDA-ARS and Penn State Extension High Density Stocking Study

Myco Seed Treat (MST)

Many of our perennial mixes come pre-treated with Myco Seed Treat, and it is also sold separately. Myco Seed Treat (commonly referred to as MST) is a dry blend of plant-beneficial bacteria and fungi (including Mycorrhizae) accompanied by a nutrient package to support them during their initial stages of growth. These microorganisms contribute to increased soil nutrient cycling, as well as increased productivity.

Myco Seed Treat Tech Sheet

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Grass Maxx
Heritage Blend
Sale Topper
Southern Beefmaster

grass A rugged mix of Martin II novel endophyte fescue paired with orchardgrass, red and white clovers. With balanced energy and protein, this high end mixture of grasses and legumes is designed specifically to provide livestock the nutrition they need to maintain, gain and produce in the challenging climate of the Southeast. From its base of Martin II Protek Novel Endophyte Fescue to its complementary blend of clovers, this mixture has the best interest of your herd in mind!

Balancer Mix Tech Sheet

Best uses: Managed grazing, dry hay, baleage & haylage
Seeding Rate: 25-35 lbs/A
Product Formula: Martin II Protek– 65%
Endurance Orchardgrass– 10%
Olathe Orchardgrass- 10%
Barduro Red Clover-10%
RegalGraze Ladino Clover-5%


Grass Maxx

grass Grass Maxx provides the diversity you need in a hayfield or pasture while giving you the option of broadleaf weed control during the establishment year. After establishment, frost-seeding a clover or clover blend into the stand in late winter can be a great option to thicken the stand further and boost protein.

Grass Maxx Tech Sheet

Best uses: Managed grazing and baleage & haylage
Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/A
Product Formula: 60% Martin II Novel Endophyte
Tall Fescue
20% Inavale Orchardgrass
20% Olathe Orchardgrass

Heritage Blend

Designed to control erosion while establishing a perennial turf. Cereal rye and annual ryegrass provide quick growth to hold soil in place while the perennial establishes.

Cereal rye provides upright growth that typically does not compete with the perennial fescue, but does hold the soil in place to prevent washing. In most erosion control mixes, annual ryegrass provides too much competition for the turf type fescue. This results in either a need to mow to manage this competition, or a lack of establishment by the perennial. This mix contains LowBoy annual ryegrass, which is a low growing variety. This still provides excellent root growth and prevents washing, but does not outcompete the fescue.

A blend of three turf type fescues provides long term erosion control and a consistent green mat of grass. This winning trio of three turf-type tall fescues includes three proven varieties:

Covenant II is a new elite tall fescue that will provide consistent, attractive turf for all types of tall fescue lawn applications. It has an attractive rich green color, high uniformity, and good density, making for overall high quality turfgrass. Bred to combat major diseases affecting tall fescue, Covenant II should provide years of healthy turfgrass, even in areas affected by disease pressure such as cool temperature-induced brown patch.

Hudson is a selection out of germplasm which included established turf plots where plants were exhibiting superior turf quality during the hot humid summer months when the heat stress, brown patch and pythium diseases were the most severe. It offers excellent turf quality, dark green color, great sod strength, disease resistance, and better ability to tolerate shade, drought, and saline soils. Hudson is suitable to many climates and adaptations. With its natural deep green color, lawns look better, even into the late fall and when limited nutrients are used.

Rendition tall fescue has been bred to provide a dense, very dark green and exceptionally attractive turf. Unlike older varieties of tall fescues with wide, coarse blades and open stands, Rendition produces a thick, dense lawn with soft, thinner leaves. It was selected for a very dwarf growth habit, very dark green color, and rust, stress, and disease resistance. It has been a winner in many trials for turf color and quality

Heritage Blend Tech Sheet

At A Glance

  • Fast growth
  • Erosion control

Product Formula (by weight)
40% cereal rye
25% LowBoy annual ryegrass
35% Turf type fescue

Best Uses
Erosion control

Seeding Depth: surface to 1/2”
Seeding Dates: September-late October

Sale Topper

grassThis all grass mix is primarily designed to be seeded as a stand alone crop to be fed to horses, dry cows, heifers or even milking cows. Also a great complement for new alfalfa and/or clover seedings. Includes: 2 premium late heading orchardgrasses, and one early timothy along with a late timothy to throw a few timothy heads over multiple cuttings for hay marketing purposes. Put your legume in the small box and seed this grass mix in the large box.

Sale Topper Tech Sheet

Best uses: Dry hay, baleage and haylage
Seeding Rate: 15 to 20 lb/A as a stand alone seeding
5 to 10 lb/A with a new seeding of alfalfa and/or clover (reduce legume seeding rate by 25 to 50%)
Product Formula: 80% Late Maturing Orchardgrass
20% European/Premium Timothy

Sale Topper

Southern Beefmaster


Our best grazing mixture for south of the Mason-Dixon line. This new mixture is designed specifically for the south and features 45% Baroptima Plus E34, Barenbrug’s very palatable tall fescue with a beneficial endophyte that gives it more tolerance to heat and other stresses. Other ingredients: orchardgrass, perennial ryegrass, ladino clover and medium red clover.

Southern Beefmaster Tech Sheet

Best uses: Grazing (southern areas)
Seeding Rate: 30-35 lbs/A
Product Formula: 45% BarOptima Plus E34 Tall Fescue
30% HLR Orchardgrass
15% Remington Ryegrass
5% RegalGraze Ladino Clover
5% Freedom Red Clover

Sale Topper



An all grass mixture with very good drought and heat tolerance. Featuring Fojtan Festulolium; maintains the durability of fescue, but is much higher in nutritional quality.

Versa Tech Sheet

Best uses: Dry hay, baleage and haylage
Seeding Rate: 15 to 30 lbs/A straight seeding
2 to 10 lbs/A with legumes
Product Formula: 70% Fojtan Festulolium
17% Endurance Orchardgrass
13% HLR Orchardgrass

Sale Topper