Farm Planning Tools and Calculators

Crop Nutrients

Alfalfa Potassium Removal Calculator

IPNI Nutrient Removal Calculator

USDA Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator – Includes a comprehensive forage crop nutrient removal calculator. Mostly covers N, P, and K.

Drill Calibration

Drill Calibration Calculator – Interactive spreadsheet to calibrate your drill

Seed Drill Calibration – Step-by-step guide to drill calibration


Dairy Grazing Wedge

Figuring Stockpile/Hay/Forage Requirements

Grazing management, University of Georgia, Grazing Wedge, Daily Forage Needs Calculator (spreadsheet)

Grass management tools, Cornell University 
Includes: Grass NDF Estimation, Alfalfa-Grass NDF Estimation, Economic Analysis of Changing Forage Content of Diets, Economic Analysis of Changing Alfalfa-Grass Content of Diets

Farm Mapping and Planning

Farm Logs – Mobile app that easily tracks and manages yield maps, field rainfall, soil maps, and more

Planting, Fertilizer, Herbicide, Growing Degree Days and more – a list of the latest free farm planning mobile apps from Corn and Soybean Digest

Web Soil Survey – provides soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. See your soil types and their productive potential.


Spacing and Plant Populations – Forage Sorghums

Spacing and Plant Populations – Corn and Soybeans


Average Density of Silage in Storage – Calculator
University of Wisconsin

Bunker Silo Sizing
University of Wisconsin

Pricing Standing Corn For Silage
Penn State

Weeds and Pests

Weed ID App from iTunes