Our treated seed comes with a variety of treatments and coatings that may include biological inoculants, fungicides, insecticides, herbicide antidotes, and physical aids to the seed, such as water absorption and retention. The following is a guide to some of our most widely used treatment products. For complete seed treatment information and indications, refer to the tags on your seed bag.

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Corn Genetically Modified Traits

Agrisure GT (glyphosate tolerant) [Last digit “1” on 4-digit Masters Choice hybrids**]- Herbicide flexibility with glyphosate for easy weed control during the growing season. Excellent choice for refuge acres.

Agrisure Viptera 3110 [Last digit “2” on 4-digit Masters Choice hybrids] – Delivers better quality grain by controlling earfeeding insects. Ideal for areas where corn rootworm is not a key focus. Season-long control from the following insects: European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, southern cornstalk borer, corn earworm, fall armyworm, dingy cutworm, beet armyworm, black cutworm, western bean cutworm, sugarcane borer, common stalk borer, and herbicide flexibility with both glyphosate and glufosinate tolerance. Note:

Agrisure Viptera 3110 requires a 20% structured adjacent refuge.

Agrisure 3000GT [Last digit “3” on 4-digit Masters Choice hybrids]— This trait stack offers control of corn borer and corn rootworm, with tolerance to both glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides. Provides growers control or suppression of the following insects: European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, southern cornstalk borer, corn earworm, fall armyworm, sugarcane borer, common stalk borer, western corn rootworm, northern corn rootworm, Mexican corn rootworm, and herbicide flexibility with both glyphosate and glufosinate tolerance.

Agrisure Viptera (VIP) (3111) [Last digit “4” on 4-digit Masters Choice hybrids] – Controls above and below ground insects for higher quality grain and increased yield potential. This trait stack provides season-long control from the following insects: European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, southern cornstalk borer, corn earworm, fall armyworm, dingy cutworm, beet armyworm, black cutworm, western bean cutworm, sugarcane borer, common stalk borer, and herbicide flexibility with both glyphosate and glufosinate tolerance.

Agrisure 3122 E-Z Refuge [Last digit “5” on 4-digit Masters Choice hybrids]— Offers growers dual modes of action against corn borer and corn rootworm, as well as control of ear-feeding insects. This trait stack provides growers control or suppression of the following insects: European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, southern cornstalk borer, corn earworm, fall armyworm, black cutworm, western bean cutworm, sugarcane borer, lesser cornstalk borer, common stalk borer, western corn rootworm, northern corn rootworm, and Mexican corn rootworm. Features 5 percent refuge for convenience and built-in compliance. Two modes of action against corn borer and western corn rootworm. Intended for use in areas where both corn rootworm and lepidopteran pest management are primary concerns, including corn-on-corn acres. Provides tolerance to in-crop applications of glyphosatebased herbicides.

Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge [Last digit “8” on 4-digit Masters Choice hybrids] – This trait stack provides proven corn pest control in a 5 percent, single-bag refuge product. Offering dual modes of action against corn rootworm, corn borer and earfeeding pests. It features the Viptera trait for control of ear-feeding insects and the Agrisure Duracade trait, a unique mode of action for effective corn rootworm control. Effective control of Western, Northern, and Mexican corn rootworm.

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CruiserMaxx Corn 250 & 1250

CruiserMaxx® Corn insecticide/fungicide seed treatment protects corn seed and seedlings against early-season insects and seed- and soil-borne diseases leading to increased plant stand, uniformity, vigor and yield. A combination of Cruiser® seed treatment insecticide and Maxim® Quattro seed-applied fungicide, CruiserMaxx Corn offers systemic protection against several Fusarium species, including Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium verticillioides, and protection against a variety of early season insects, such as wireworm, seedcorn maggot and chinch bug. Cruiser CruiserMaxx® Corn 250 insecticide/fungicide is a combination of separately registered products containing 1.128 fluid ounces Cruiser® 5FS seed treatment insecticide and .46 fluid ounces Maxim® Quattro seed-applied fungicide per 80k units.

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MicroMaster OMRI-Approved Treatment

MicroMaster is a humic acid seed treatment that has the ability to manipulate hydrogen molecules in order to better utilize their use in the plants early season growth and development. MicroMaster has the ability to isolate a hydrogen ion. Through that isolation, the humic acid seed treatment can change the polarity of that ion from positive to negative or negative to positive to match what the soil needs. This process is specifically called electrostatic attraction. It attracts nutrients and facilitates the uptake that a plant needs to succeed in its early growth stages. This type of electrostatic attraction also allows for less leaching in the soil which offers the plant the most readily available nutrients in the soil. It also uses complex chelation to dissolve and bind minerals. This process works hand in hand with electrostatic attraction to allow the plant to take up the proper nutrients at the best time to give our organic hybrids an enhanced opportunity at early growth. Increased early season emergence and vigor is extremely important in producing a strong organic crop.

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Masters Choice organic hybrids only

Kingfisher Corn Treatments

MaximQuattro Fungicide

  • Unmatched broad-spectrum protection against seed- and soil-borne diseases.
  • As a fourth mode of action, thiabendazole enhances the proven protection of Maxim 4FS, Apron XL and Dynasty.
  • Best-in-class systemic protection against Fusarium species including Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium verticillioides.
  • Helps clean up seed surface and internal pathogens.
  • Produces stronger, healthier plants by protecting seedlings.
  • Helps increase nematicidal activity when used as a component of Avicta Complete Corn

Enhanced Protection Against Nematodes: Though microscopic and difficult to detect, nematodes can cause significant damage to the crops they infect. By feeding in or on plant roots, nematodes create an entry point allowing viruses and bacteria to attack the root and weaken the plant. Even if there are no visual symptoms, yield and profit potential may be hindered from nematode damage. Studies show that Maxim Quattro, when used as a component of Avicta Complete Corn, may help increase activity on nematodes and therefore help increase yield potential.

By creating an initial zone of defense, Maxim Quattro helps strengthen the seedling which leads to a healthier plant throughout the season. Together, the four active ingredients – thiabendazole, azoxystrobin, mefenoxam and fludioxonil – provide unsurpassed protection against corn seed- and soil-borne diseases. Thiabendazole offers best-in-class Fusarium protection, specifically against Fusarium verticillioides. Thiabendazole improves an already successful seed treatment portfolio by offering a new mode of action with systemic protection from day one. Maxim Quattro helps clean up surface and internal pathogens on or in the seed, resulting in a stronger plant from the inside out.

Protect Against Fusarium for a Healthier Crop: Fusarium is a genus of harmful fungi Seed treatment At A Glance Contains: MaximQuattro Fungicide Vibrance Fungicide Storicide Insecticide Storage Treatment Protection against Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, and Nematodes found in plants. Distributed through the soil, it enters through the roots or at the soil line, causing plants to wilt and decay. Fusarium can inflict severe damage not only to the crop, but also to the field. Fludioxonil promotes healthy plants from the very beginning by offering proven protection against Fusarium graminearum, one of the most common types of Fusarium. Thiabendazole reduces infection of a lesser-known, but equally damaging Fusarium species – Fusarium verticillioides. With the added protection, roots remain unharmed and develop into vigorous, healthy plants.

Mycotoxins: Fusarium verticillioides may cause severe damage to plants by infecting the roots, but it can also produce mycotoxins. If mycotoxin levels increase, they can be very harmful to crop quality. Protecting corn plants against Fusarium verticillioides using a seed treatment fungicide such as Maxim Quattro may decrease the threat of mycotoxins and their harmful side effects.

Vibrance Fungicide

Vibrance® seed treatment fungicide is formulated to boost a crop’s rooting power by delivering enhanced disease protection that leads to strong root systems and improved crop performance in more than 18 different crops. Through its SDHI mode of action, Vibrance provides Rhizoctonia protection across a variety of crops while helping to ensure yield consistency under a broad range of conditions.

  • Delivers Rhizoctonia protection and longer-lasting disease protection in multiple crops.
  • Produces healthier, stronger stems and foliage better able to withstand stresses from weather, diseases and insects.
  • Contains Sedaxane, specifically developed by Syngenta with characteristics to maximize its performance as a seed treatment.
  • Provides long-lasting protection and strong performance under a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Conveniently formulated for easy application to other pre-mixes

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N-Dure Legume Inoculants

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Inoculates legume root with the correct strain of nitrogen-fixing bacteria for optimal growth and nitrogen fixation. For seeds that are not preinoculated or coated.
Sold Separately


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Rhizobium inoculant for legumes, physical seed protection, moisture absorption aid, and fungicide retention. A key to any successful establishment and early seed development is moisture. Nitro-Coat® is both naturally hydrophobic and hydroscopic. The protective coating prevents seeds from suddenly germinating during a brief single moisture event, while at the same time naturally absorbing water during sufficient moisture events and helps attract soil moisture to the seed for better stand establishment. With Nitro-Coat® each seed is inoculated with the correct Rhizobium strains and coated through a proven process that ensures a very high level of successful inoculation for each plant.
May be included in “CT” or “OC” treatment

Perennial Grasses/Mixes/Legumes

Kingfisher Surestand (CT & OC Alfalfas)

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For both conventional and OMRI-approved grasses and legumes, these coatings improve the seed germination, early growth, and lifelong stand. The Super Hydrating polymer holds water around the seed and keeps the micronutrients in concentration around the growing root, giving maximum benefit for germination and early growth. Larger seed size helps with more even seed distribution and improved seed to soil contact.

Myco Seed Treat

Myco Seed Treat Tech Sheet
Sold separately and also may be included in “OC” treatment

MYCO SEED TREAT: (commonly referred to as MST) is a dry blend of plant-beneficial bacteria and fungi (including Mycorrhizae) accompanied by a nutrient package to support them during their initial stages of growth. These microorganisms contribute to increased soil nutrient cycling, as well as increased productivity.

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Coating for grasses: water-absorbing technology, phosphorus and nitrogen for young seedling development.

  • Water absorbing coating increases seedling germination.
  • Phosphorus quickens root hair development. Healthier roots mean more vigorous and competitive plant growth.
  • Slow-release nitrogen feeds new shoots and leaves.
Yellow Jacket

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May be included in “CT” treatment – Barenbrug products only Barenbrug color logo

Yellow Jacket is like having a sponge around each and every seed. Once water is applied, the coating holds moisture and other nutrients around the seed – making them available as needed for germination and establishment. Without coating, the water simply passes the seed, allowing it to dry out, and resulting in more frequent watering needs and increased labor and expense.

This spongy layer has additional benefits as well. Yellow Jacket coating increases the density of very light, small bentgrass seed. This makes seeding easier, more accurate and also allows for a more uniform distribution pattern when applied with a seed spreader. Seed stays where it falls due to the extra weight and size and is much more easily seen. When overseeded, the coated seed will move down in the turf faster and easier. Another tremendous benefit is that Yellow Jacket coated bentgrass has enhanced disease protection, unlike uncoated seed.

All these benefits are due in large part to a key component of Yellow Jacket – a super absorbent technology that can hold 600 times its own weight in water. University trials show that super-absorbants can absorb and hold fungicides and protect seedlings up to three weeks after seeding. Fungicide on uncoated seed washes off, quickly limiting their benefit.

The Yellow Jacket formulation also contains Apron XL® (metalaxyl). A new technology turf fungicide that specifically helps prevent Pythium infestation in newly seeded areas, Apron XL preserves root development and significantly increases the survival rate of seedling turf during higher temperatures.

Research trials at the University of New Mexico also show that Yellow Jacket enhanced seed establishes faster and requires less water. Yellow Jacket simultaneously helps the seed thrive while conserving water.


Concep III

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Herbicide antidote/seed safener that protects grain and forage sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) from herbicidal injury due to metolachlor or Smetolachlor (contained in the herbicide brands Bicep® and Dual®). Bicep and Dual brands and other products containing metolachlor and S -metolachlor will generally cause severe sorghum injury without a Concep III seed treatment. Concep III protects sorghum from the phytotoxic effects of metolachlor and S-metolachlor only and not from other herbicide components, including the triazine component of Bicep brands.