BMR Sorghum Sudans

Our BMR Forage Sorghums, Sorghum-sudans, and Sudangrass are highly digestible, high yielding summer annual products that top the charts in productivity in hot, dry weather.

Caution: Sudangrass and sorghum-sudangrass hybrids are generally safe for most livestock, but should not be fed to horses. They contain compounds that can cause horses to suffer from muscle weakness, urinary problems, and, in severe cases, death. (Source: Penn State Extension).

Millets, Teff and Crabgrass are summer annual choices, that when managed properly, can be used for horse pasture and/or dry hay.

ADV S6504 - NEW!

Alta seedsA new photoperiod sensitive variety with higher sugar content. Good drought tolerance. Recommended seeding rate: 50 lbs/A.

ADV S6504 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

A Gene 6 hybrid with improved disease resistance and better regrowth. We have observed occasional fields of other hybrids where regrowth (fusarium) was a problem due to disease pressure, and this was amplified by cutting when soil conditions are moist and humidity is high. AS6401 has been developed with disease resistant tropical parentage, and our observations have been very positive. Its resistance usually manifests when cutting while soil conditions are moist and humidity is high. Recommended seeding rate: 50-70 lbs/A.
AS 6401 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds A high yielding dwarf sorghum-sudan.  Brachytic characteristics give it a good grazing tolerance and provides a high leaf-to-stem ratio. Superior standability and excellent regrowth. Superb tonnage under multiple harvest systems. Recommended seeding rate: 50-60 lb/A.

AS 6402 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

A photoperiod sensitive hybrid, 6501 contains both gene 6 BMR and delayed maturity. Forage quality will remain high even if the crop gets taller than recommended cutting height because the crop remains vegetative. AS6501 has the best drought tolerance of our entire sorghum sudan line up, as well as improved disease tolerance. Recommended seeding rate: 50-60 lbs/A.

AS 6501 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

A low-cost non-BMR sorghum-sudan. Best for cover crop usage. Replaces Quick Cover. Recommended seeding rate: 60-70 lbs/A.

AS 5201 Tech Sheet

KF SugarPro 55SS


This new exclusive KingFisher hybrid is very quick growing and high yielding with a dry stalk for ease of drydown. Stems are finer and sweeter than many sorghum-sudans. The higher leaf to stem ratio ensures quality grazing or feed. Digestibility of this hybrid is increased due to the reduction in lignin from the BMR trait, increasing daily gains or milk production significantly. Recommended seeding rate: 40-50 lbs/A.

Also available in Certified Organic. 

KF SugarPro 55SS Tech Sheet



Alta seeds

A very exciting newer Gene 6 sudangrass that has get up and go and extreme quality and high yield. AS9301 dries easier than sorghum sudangrass, which makes it possible to dry for hay. Excellent for grazing, baleage and dry hay.  Recommended seeding rate: 25-30 lbs/A.

Also available in Certified Organic.

AS 9301 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

A newer dwarf version of AS 9301. Stout stalks for excellent standability. Excellent for dry hay and rotational grazing. Exceptional regrowth and BMR 6 for high digestibility. Tolerates shorter cuttings. Recommended seeding rate: 25-30 lbs/A.

AS 9302 Tech Sheet

Forage Sorghum

A warm season annual that is an excellent choice for one direct cut systems (like corn silage) on marginal corn ground or after double crops. For haylage and baleage, cut and wilt at boot stage (using an increased seeding rate). Uses 30 to 50% less water than corn and less nitrogen too. The BMR trait has improved forage sorghums dramatically, and they are now considered an excellent dairy feed. Energy levels are comparable to corn and protein level is around 10 or 11%. Sugar levels are also very high. Can also be seeded with corn. Call for management info.

Note: Forage sorghum hybrids (and grain sorghum hybrids) should be rotated and not be grown continuously in the same field. Large amounts of mature seed can be shed during harvest, which appear in the field as volunteers the following year. The volunteers that come up are not the original hybrid and can vary greatly in their characteristics. These volunteer plants that originated from the hybrid are no longer a hybrid, some can be taller and earlier-maturing than the original hybrid. As you can imagine, the volunteer crop is potentially a serious problem for harvest and ensiling of the intended sorghum crop, in addition to aggravating the problem for future years by adding its own seed to the field. 

Should You Opt for the Legume? Forage Sorghum with Cowpeas

Selecting the correct seeding rate for sorghum based on its seeds per pound


Alta seeds

An early season gene 6 BMR forage sorghum with good standability and drydown. It is a little earlier than AF 7201 in maturity, but with similar plant height. Very sweet stands and good for boot or soft dough harvest.
Direct harvest: seed at 80k/A. 82-85 days to soft dough stage.
Cut and wilt harvest: seed at 25 lbs/A with a drill. 50-60 days to boot stage.

Also available in Certified Organic. 

AF 7101 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

Earliest BMR-6 brachytic dwarf forage sorghum, with excellent standability. Great for silage and a double-crop option.
Recommended seeding rate: 80-90k/A. 85-89 days to soft dough direct harvest.

AF 7102 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

A shorter season gene 6 BMR forage sorghum that has very good standability and drydown. Very sweet stalks. A good choice for seeding with corn.
Direct harvest: seed at 80k/A. 90-95 days to soft dough stage.
Cut and wilt harvest: seed at 25 lbs/A with a drill. 55-65 days to boot stage.

AF 7201 Tech Sheet

AF 7201 at boot stage. Cut and wilt at boot stage is an excellent management option for forage sorghums.

AF 7201 at boot stage. Cut and wilt at boot stage is an excellent management option for forage sorghums.


 Alta seeds

A gene 6 BMR dwarf forage sorghum with superior standability and great nutrition. This hybrid is a full season product and well suited for the south.
Recommended seeding rate: 80-100k/A. 110-115 days to soft dough direct harvest.

AF 7401 Tech Sheet

KF FiberPro 70FS Forage Sorghum


KF FiberPro 70 FS is a newly developed brachytic dwarf BMR 6 forage sorghum. Superior standability and reduced lignin for better feed value. Good disease package. It will be in the soft dough stage at approximately 110-115 days. KF FiberPro 70 FS makes excellent tonnage (up to 25 tons) by producing more leaves, thicker stalks and wider leaves while maintaining a reasonable height that will stand. This hybrid needs to be planted in the late spring or early summer to reach full maturity (soft dough stage). Recommended seeding rate: 80-100K/A.

KF FiberPro 70FS Tech Sheet


 Alta seeds

A dwarf non-BMR forage sorghum with a high stand yield. Excellent for dry cows, heifers, beef production.
Recommended seeding rate: 100-120k/A.

AF 8301 Tech Sheet

Terry Ingram, a King’s dealer and Alta Sorghum-Sudan and Sudangrass customer


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