Grain sorghum with seed treatments available to meet your grain production needs.

Note: Forage sorghum hybrids (and grain sorghum hybrids) should be rotated and not be grown continuously in the same field. Large amounts of mature seed can be shed during harvest, which appear in the field as volunteers the following year. The volunteers that come up are not the original hybrid and can vary greatly in their characteristics. These volunteer plants that originated from the hybrid are no longer a hybrid, some can be taller and earlier-maturing than the original hybrid. As you can imagine, the volunteer crop is potentially a serious problem for harvest and ensiling of your intended sorghum crop, in addition to aggravating the problem for future years by adding its own seed to the field. 


Alta seeds

A 63 day mid bloom hybrid with bronze grain. 34″-40″. Aphix – Sugarcane Aphid tolerant. Recommended seeding rate: 80K-100K seeds/A

AG 1203 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

60 day (mid bloom) hybrid with white grain and tan plant color. 30″-36″. Recommended seeding rate: 80K-100K seeds/A

AG 1401 Tech Sheet


Alta seeds

65 day (mid bloom) hybrid with intense red grain and red plant color. 42″-48″. Recommended seeding rate: 80K-100K seeds/A

AG 2103 Tech Sheet